I just wanted to say a huge thank you again, for all the help you have given our son with his maths. We heard back from Forest School today, and not only has he been offered a place, he has also won an academic scholarship - a fantastic achievement.

So thanks again for teaching him so well, the lessons have made all the difference to his understanding of maths.

Mother of online 13 Plus student, East London

The help that you gave our son has been so brilliant, and your enthusiasm and rapport have been amazing. I will continue to work on the resources/material you have provided.

Mother of online 7 Plus student based in Tanzania

Adam did a wonderful job of putting my son at ease - provided assurance during the tutoring sessions while at the same time ensuring that he always pitched work at the right level. I am sure that he gave my son the extra boost he needed to pass his school entrance exam.

Parent of online 10+ student

Finnian was very warm and easy to get on with. My son being very quiet, Finnian helped him to develop his communication skills and knowledge base so that he would have the confidence to have a successful interview. There was lots of encouraging feedback at the end of the sessions, and we could see a big difference in our son’s ability over the course of a few weeks.

Parent in Stanmore

Gary is very easy to get on with. My son being very quiet, Gary helped him to extend his communication skills and knowledge base so that he would have the confidence to have a successful interview. There was lots of encouraging feedback at the end of the sessions, and we could see a big difference in our son’s ability over the few short weeks we had.

Parent of online 13 Plus student

A very big thank you to Sobia for her talent in finding the weaker area of my daughter. Her patience had comforted my daughter and made her build her confidence. She is greatly skilful and a knowledgeable tutor.

Parent of online 13 Plus student

Kelly is organised and focused. She knows how to adapt to young children when they need motivation or encouragement with a difficult task. She made learning fun and interesting and gave some great ideas to help our son get into his school of choice.

Mother of online 7 Plus student

Phil tutored my son for his 13+ exams. He was really great, very calm, methodical and precise. In a short space of time he covered all the necessary topics and help to cement his knowledge. He also instilled in him confidence that he did know his subject and would be successful in his exams. Which he was!

Parent of online 13+ Science and Maths student

Feedback for Owl Tutors:

All good.

Parent of online 13+ Science and Maths student

Sobia was really good at helping me understand the more challenging topics in the GCSE Biology course. She also provided a lot of email support if there was something in one of our sessions or a task that she had set me that I needed some extra help with. Sobia made me feel very comfortable in the sessions so that I could confidently ask and answer questions.

John has been AMAZING. His erudite and intelligent comments have helped me shape my own ideas on an essay topic I stood little chance of understanding on my own. John offered expert guidance, knowledge and support. While I was located on the other side of the world, John was 100% reliable and quick to respond with well crafted feedback. I can highly recommend John as a tutor and I feel lucky and grateful to have found him.

Student, Australia

Feedback for Owl Tutors:

John is fantastic (although I have not yet finished with him, so please don't close my account!)

Student, Australia

It has been great to find Sobia through Owl Tutors. She is a great teacher, kind, rigorous and with a great understanding of the subjects she teaches. Our daughter is preparing GCSE's with her. They are studing together Physics, Biology and Chemistry and the experience is being outstanding. Doing the tutoring remotely through skype is also being great. I do recommend very much Sobia as a tutor.

Parent of online student

Just a quick email to say thank you for the tuition we have received from Francesca this past term. We are going to stop this now. Francesca has been a wonderful influence on our daughter. She has not only help her to materially improve her performance in tests, but also helped her confidence to grow.

Parent of 11+ student, Fulham, London

Claire is a fantastic tutor, friendly and positive. Claire quickly built up a rapport with my daughter which was great, as initially she was a little nervous at the prospect of working with a stranger online. Lessons with Claire are fun and highly productive. My daughter's maths improved very quickly to the point that she was considerably ahead of her year, and had gained the confidence to use her mental arithmetic skills where before she was afraid of being incorrect.

Mother of online Maths student

Feedback for Owl Tutors:

I am very happy with all of the Owl Tutors. My daughter looks forward to all of her online sessions and is gaining confidence and experience that will ensure success in her exams.

Mother of online Maths student

Laura has been very supportive, friendly and encouraging. My child throughly enjoyed being tutored by her.

Feedback for Owl Tutors:

Owl tutors are a very professional, responsive service.

Anna is a great tutor. She guided Howard through the difficult IB process and pushed him to reach his best.

Mother of IB History student

Tim is a great tutor. He gives not only guidance, but a lot of assurance and encouragement to Howard.

Mother of online English student

Joseph was my biology tutor for a few months. I really enjoyed my classes with him, always trying his best to help me improve my knowledge on the matter. During these few months Joseph went on vacation; and he did his best to keep the lessons going (we had classes at 7:00am his time... and he was on holidays!) His priority is for his students to get to the exam date at his or her optimal performance. I really had a great time and learned a lot more than I was expecting.

IB Biology Student, Switzerland

Sobia was a great IB English tutor. During the few months of tuition, we focus a lot on discussion and my ability to make and prove points. Her ability of listening and being able to understand my point of view is amazing. I had a really great time with her and hope every one can enjoy English as much as I did with her.

IB English Student in Switzerland

I have worked with Carl for a few months in IB Chemistry. His help was benefit from my point of view. We focused a lot on questions and looked at the theory when needed. When explaining Carl was very precise with his word choice which made everything easier to understand. The class was very interesting and made the hours go by very quickly. He is someone that listen and is easy to talk to.

Chemistry IB Student, Switzerland

Catherine’s role was to fill any gaps and misconceptions in the subject, whilst also ensuring that our son tackled the 3 differing geography papers (physical, human and fieldwork) in the most effective way possible. Our aim for these sessions was to achieve a level 5/6 in August 2018.

From the start Catherine added value… she quickly identified our son's weaker areas (mostly the parts of the curriculum that he did not enjoy) and supported him with good questioning and ideas to help him tackle these head on. After the first session he admitted that this was already helpful as he’d been avoiding certain themes.

Catherine approach was calm, kind and supportive and I felt that she made him relax into the subject and feel more confident about his ability, particularly with structuring the longer, more complex questions, which he does not enjoy. Catherine’s knowledge was extensive and she made him realise that without a good factual base he would struggle. He was motivated to learn more key facts in the weeks up to the exams.

Catherine was always flexible with tutor times and dates and was keen to fit in additional sessions. Catherine was punctual and friendly and it was a pleasure to work with her. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Mother of GCSE Geography Student, SW London