Like all of our tutors, Mahesh has Qualified Teacher status in the UK Like all of our tutors, Mahesh has a clean criminal records check in the UK
In addition to our core requirements, Mahesh also meets this requirementIn addition to our core requirements, Mahesh also meets this requirement

Mahesh's' biography:

Mahesh is a highly experienced teacher of Chemistry. He has been teaching for over thirteen years, covering O-levels, IGCSE (Edexcel and Cambridge), GCE (Cambridge) and International Baccalaureate. Mahesh achieved a BSc in Chemistry in India prior to a Masters in Education in the UK. During his time at University he realised he enjoyed teaching his peers and undergraduate students and wanted to enter into a career in teaching. Having inspired many students, he further pursued his career in teaching GCE and IGCSE Chemistry in the Maldives, where his talent lead to the appointment as Head of Physical Science. He has also been an examiner in IGCSE Chemistry since 2004.

Mahesh is now Head of Science and Exam Officer at an International School where he continues to share his knowledge and experience whilst teaching the IGCSE and IB Diploma in Chemistry. He has been an IB Diploma Chemistry examiner since 2010. This helps him to tailor his lessons specifically to exam requirements, allowing his students to achieve very good exam results. He has regularly been rated ‘Outstanding’ by OFSTED who have commented on his ability to demonstrate pupils progress in his lessons. He prides himself on including EAL students and for creating a stimulating learning environment where the complexity of science is unfolded with ease. Mahesh is well known for his ‘Fast Track’ revision courses for IGCSE and IB Diploma students, which enable his students to be well-prepared for exams. Here he brings his experience as an examiner to bear, and through these courses helps students achieve top marks. When he isn't teaching, he is involved in the academic development of the secondary school. Mahesh is crazy about cricket, and when he isn't teaching or tutoring can be found officiating as an umpire.

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