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Like all of our tutors, Dan has Qualified Teacher status in the UK Like all of our tutors, Dan has a clean criminal records check in the UK
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Dan's' biography:

Dan was a successful head of Economics and Business Studies at Cranleigh School for eight years, where his students achieved top results year after year. Before that, he taught Economics at RGS Guildford, where the school's results were in the top 5 in the UK. In that time, he was a regular contributor to the best-selling subject magazines as well as being an Economics A-level examiner for OCR and Business Studies A-level examiner for AQA.

He was one of the earliest authors with Tutor2u, helping to devise some of their best-selling Business Studies products as well as leading a number of student conferences.

Since leaving full-time teaching in 2005, he has been a sports editor on rugby coaching, launching and maintaining the best-selling magazine in this market, as well as having a column in Rugby World magazine for three years.

In the last four years, he has come back to tutoring because of his love of both Economics and Business Studies. He has helped his students hit their targets for grades, and has plenty of experience of the new A levels and IB exams. For Economics A level, he has taught Edexcel (both A and B), AQA, OCR and Eduqas. For Business Studies, he has taught AQA. He has taught both IB Economics and Business Management specifications, specialising in IA support and exam technique. As a qualified accountant, he (perhaps sadly), particularly loves teaching the finance sections of any Business specification.

He now teaches part-time at St John's College, Cardiff, one of the leading schools in the exam league tables. He's also a team leader for the Cambridge Exam board.

Dan’s key philosophy to develop any student’s learning is “Love the subject”. Only if the student understands why they are studying the topic, takes ownership and cares about that topic, will they then grasp the concepts and seek solutions. And because this is different for every student, he ensures that he teases out the best from everyone. This comes from years of experience, coaching across many spheres and knowing what framework suits each individual.

Dan graduated from Exeter University with a 2:1 BA (Hons) in Economics, before studying as a management accountant while working for Lloyds Bank head office. He then did a PGCE in Business Education at the University of the West of England, securing a teaching post at the prestigious RGS Guildford within two weeks of starting the PGCE.

When not tutoring, writing about coaching or leading conferences, Dan dabbles in golf and plays bass in a covers’ band. He used to play semi-professional rugby and still coaches representative school's rugby in Wales.

International Baccalaureate (IB) experience:

I've tutored both IB Economics and IB Business and Management, mostly higher level. I've helped support a number of EEs and IAs, contributing to the redrafting and editing to bring them in line with the course requirements.

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