Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics

Like all of our tutors, Chris has Qualified Teacher status in the UK Like all of our tutors, Chris has a clean criminal records check in the UK
In addition to our core requirements, Chris also meets this requirement

Chris's' biography:

Chris studied at Pilgrim grammar school where he blossomed in the sciences and maths, finishing with good grades at both O level and A level (as they then were). He went on to study Electronic Engineering with Physics at University.

From University Chris went directly into industry, to discover that this is where you learn the most. Working for high-tech industry leaders such as Texas Instruments and Inmos, Chris was able to not only do a good job but also keep up with the changes in Physics that were ongoing, helping make computer chips smaller and more powerful. As his business career developed Chris also took and earned qualifications in sales and a degree in Marketing.

After 32 years in Industry Chris returned to University to gain a third degree, this time a PGCE in Physics and Maths. After qualifying Chris branched out into tuition.

Chris is a relaxed and confident tutor. He will work with you to get the best results. Wrong answers are not the issue here, correct questions are the focus. He will work with you, offering different approaches to problems until the ‘light bulb’ moment when the student understands the question or the principle. Lessons on specific topics can easily be set at the student's/ parent's request, but the best approach is to take each question as it comes from the student and pursue any and all misconceptions the student has developed in a subject and bring it around so as they have a fuller and deeper understanding of the topic.

When he isn't tutoring, Chris enjoys reading (specifically sci-fi and Science fact), cinema, singing in a local Gospel choir and music, both listening and playing.

International Baccalaureate (IB) experience:

Chris has provided IB revision support for a number of students online with Owl tutors. He can tutor Physics up to Higher Level and Maths (excluding Topic 10 - Discrete Mathematics, which is optional).

Chris is available for online tuition

Chris is available for online tuition to students anywhere in the world. Find out more about online tuition.